Kids Products

Stylish products for kids including a charming selection of soft toys & games to encourage play; tableware, bed linen & towels designed specifically with little ones in mind & delightful prints to decorate their rooms or nurseries; plus a small selection of adorable baby clothes.

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Moby The Whale

OYOY Moby The Whale £36.00

Peter The Rabbit

OYOY Peter The Rabbit £36.00

Lion Placemat

OYOY Lion Placemat £11.00

Bear Placemat

OYOY Bear Placemat £11.00

Birds Baby Jumpsuit Small

Arthouse Meath Birds Baby Jumpsuit Small £16.00

Flap Ear Rattle Dark Blue

Lucky Boy Sunday Flap Ear Rattle Dark Blue £35.00


Lucky Boy Sunday Snoop £37.00

Top Banana Plate

Donna Wilson Top Banana Plate £7.00

Fox & Leaves Bowl

Donna Wilson Fox & Leaves Bowl £8.00

Bear & Fruit Bowl

Donna Wilson Bear & Fruit Bowl £8.00

Hungry Cat Cup

Donna Wilson Hungry Cat Cup £5.50

Hungry Bear Cup

Donna Wilson Hungry Bear Cup £5.50

Football World Cup Game

Les Jouets Libres Football World Cup Game £35.00

Shifumi: Rock Paper Scissors

Les Jouets Libres Shifumi: Rock Paper Scissors £10.00

Mistigri Card Game

Les Jouets Libres Mistigri Card Game £10.00

4 Seasons Card Game

Les Jouets Libres 4 Seasons Card Game £10.00

Twinkle Decorations Set/3

Meyer-Lavigne Twinkle Decorations Set/3 £27.00

Twinkle Stars Set/3

HAY Twinkle Stars Set/3 £6.00

Parrot Mask

HAY Parrot Mask £6.00

Black Chicken Mask

HAY Black Chicken Mask £6.00

Aloha Bat & Ball

Izola Aloha Bat & Ball £29.00

Blue Chevron Pigeon Print

Scout Editions Blue Chevron Pigeon Print £22.00

Flamingo Print

Scout Editions Flamingo Print £22.00

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Page 1 of 3:    64 Items