Deyrolle was established in 1831 by a family of natural science aficionados. They collected taxidermy and created pedagogical boards to be used as teaching aids. These items are displayed along with cabinets of curiosities in an amazing store in Paris.

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La Biere Print

Deyrolle La Biere Print £25.00

La Soupe Print

Deyrolle La Soupe Print £25.00

Le Cacao Print

Deyrolle Le Cacao Print £25.00

Le Sucre Print

Deyrolle Le Sucre Print £25.00

Le Thé Print

Deyrolle Le Thé Print £25.00

Taureau Notebook

Deyrolle Taureau Notebook £3.00


Page 1 of 1:    6 Items