Danish design collective HAY aim to make good design accessible and affordable. They are influenced by their strong design heritage and gain much inspiration from Denmark's innovative furniture and product design of the 1950s and 1960s. HAY work with fresh, young talent as well as established designers and their mandate is 'to celebrate the uncomplicated design and strive to stay solid, straight-forward, joyful and functional.'

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Colour Vase | Blue

HAY Colour Vase | Blue £59.00

Colour Vase | Clear

HAY Colour Vase | Clear £59.00

Colour Vase | Green

HAY Colour Vase | Green £59.00

Colour Plaid No.3

HAY Colour Plaid No.3 £165.00

Colour Plaid No.4

HAY Colour Plaid No.4 £165.00

Colour Plaid No.7

HAY Colour Plaid No.7 £165.00

Playing Cards

HAY Playing Cards £8.00

Gift Box | Kitchen

HAY Gift Box | Kitchen £35.00

Gift Box | Office

HAY Gift Box | Office £35.00

Ruban Mirror | Small

HAY Ruban Mirror | Small £17.00

Ruban Mirror | Medium

HAY Ruban Mirror | Medium £35.00

Ruban Mirror | Large

HAY Ruban Mirror | Large £49.00

Rhom Trivet | Green

HAY Rhom Trivet | Green £15.00

Tela Glass Carafe

HAY Tela Glass Carafe £35.00

Gold Dot Glass Carafe

HAY Gold Dot Glass Carafe £29.00

Cap Bottle Opener

HAY Cap Bottle Opener £10.00

Stone Rolling Pin

HAY Stone Rolling Pin £10.00

Golden Tray

HAY Golden Tray £11.00

Rainbow Tray

HAY Rainbow Tray £11.00

Kaleido Tray Large

HAY Kaleido Tray Large £35.00

Kaleido Tray Medium

HAY Kaleido Tray Medium £24.00

Kaleido Tray Small

HAY Kaleido Tray Small £17.00

Ash Hook

HAY Ash Hook £69.00

Feather Pens

HAY Feather Pens £7.00

Brass Scissors

HAY Brass Scissors £9.00

Wooden Ruler

HAY Wooden Ruler £7.00

Stripes Tissue Gem

HAY Stripes Tissue Gem £7.00

Twinkle Stars Set/3

HAY Twinkle Stars Set/3 £6.00

Mint Dot Cushion

HAY Mint Dot Cushion £75.00

He Towels

HAY He Towels £15.00  -  £29.00

It Towels

HAY It Towels £15.00  -  £29.00

Silver Grey Towels

HAY Silver Grey Towels £12.00  -  £25.00

Autumn Yellow Towels

HAY Autumn Yellow Towels £6.00  -  £25.00

Autumn Yellow Bathmat

HAY Autumn Yellow Bathmat £15.00

Cord Hanger Set/3

HAY Cord Hanger Set/3 £18.00

Gym Hook Medium

HAY Gym Hook Medium £23.00

Parrot Mask

HAY Parrot Mask £6.00

Black Chicken Mask

HAY Black Chicken Mask £6.00

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Page 1 of 1:    54 Items