Originally selling country clothing at equestrian events, Joules became a successful brand after the launch of their famed pink wellies. This colourful range of homewares is inspired by the English countryside and all its quirks. Featuring pretty florals, bold stripes and delightful animals, this collection will bring cheer to every kitchen.

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Badger Side Plate

Joules Badger Side Plate £8.95

Hare Side Plate

Joules Hare Side Plate £8.95

Pheasant Side Plate

Joules Pheasant Side Plate £8.95

Fox Side Plate

Joules Fox Side Plate £8.95

Cow Side Plate

Joules Cow Side Plate £8.95

Chicken Side Plate

Joules Chicken Side Plate £8.95

Dog Side Plate

Joules Dog Side Plate £8.95

Floral Side Plate

Joules Floral Side Plate £8.95

Hare Mug

Joules Hare Mug £8.95

Badger Mug

Joules Badger Mug £8.95

Fox Mug

Joules Fox Mug £8.95

Cow Mug

Joules Cow Mug £8.95

Pheasant Mug

Joules Pheasant Mug £8.95

Chicken Mug

Joules Chicken Mug £8.95

Dog Mug

Joules Dog Mug £8.95

Floral Mug

Joules Floral Mug £8.95

Badger 1L Storage Jar

Joules Badger 1L Storage Jar £21.95

Hare 1L Storage Jar

Joules Hare 1L Storage Jar £21.95

Pheasant 1L Storage Jar

Joules Pheasant 1L Storage Jar £21.95

Fox 1L Storage Jar

Joules Fox 1L Storage Jar £21.95

Cow 1L Storage Jar

Joules Cow 1L Storage Jar £21.95

Chicken 1L Storage Jar

Joules Chicken 1L Storage Jar £21.95

Large Floral Mixing Bowl

Joules Large Floral Mixing Bowl £26.95

Medium Floral Mixing Bowl

Joules Medium Floral Mixing Bowl £21.95

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Page 1 of 2:    30 Items