The Terra.Cotto cookware collection is designed by Stefania Vasques for Sambonet. The pots and pans are inspired by the tradition of cooking with terracotta and explore its gradual heat diffusion properties. The Terra.Cotto pots are created with a special “fireproof” clay-based mixture which means they can be used on an open flame. The strong geometrical design of the pans is offset by the soft matte colours.

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Terra.Cotto Saucepot £49.00


Terra.Cotto Saucepan £65.00

Casserole Pot

Terra.Cotto Casserole Pot £56.00

Round Saucepot

Terra.Cotto Round Saucepot £65.00

Oval Saucepot

Terra.Cotto Oval Saucepot £72.00


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