Future World Map | Multicolour
Future World Map | Multicolour
Designer:  Future Mapping Company


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The small team behind The Future Mapping Company create their innovative maps in an East London studio. Their aim is to redefine the classic map and push the boundaries of design within its parameters. As well as having a passion for cartography and printing, Future Mapping Co. like to challenge our perception of the world.

A large world map with equal-area projection, a modern look at the classic reference map. The striking map also displays sea depth layers, North/South pole projections, mountain ranges, rivers and city populations. Printed using a lithographic process which provides bold colours and shimmering metallics. This map is printed on highest quality FSC approved silk-coated paper, finished with a gloss UV varnish on the land masses. Map is sold unframed. Designed in the UK and printed in Germany.

Material:  FSC approved silk-coated paper
Dimensions:  H57.5cm x W101.5cm

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