Mistigri Card Game
Mistigri Card Game
Designer:  Les Jouets Libres


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At Les Jouets Libres they believe deeply in the imagination and creativity of children. The games are built around four principles – modernity; mobility (children can take the game to play wherever they want); an emotional bond between the child and the game; and freedom – children are allowed to be involved in the rule-making.

Mistigri is a card game of chance where to win you must get rid of all your cards in component pairs. The player left with cards is 'Mistigri'. Once the game is over the players can then play spot the difference with each pair of cards. Comes packed in an organic cotton drawstring bag. Suitable for children aged 3 years and above. Designed and made in France.

Material:  FSC Approved Card; Environmentally friendly ink; Organic cotton

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