Prism Greetings Card | Aqua
Prism Greetings Card | Aqua
Designer:  Takahashi Hiroko


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A greetings card featuring Takahashi Hiroko's prism pattern in aqua. The card is made of the finest washi paper and the envelope is embellished with the prism motif using the watermark technique. The paper is made by a group of skilled craftspeople in Mino, a historic town in Japan which is famous for producing high quality paper. Washi paper is suitable for all writing tools, including ink. Designed and made in Japan.

Japanese artist Takahashi Hiroko studied at Tokyo University of the Arts, where she passionately mastered traditional crafts such as dyeing, weaving and engraving. Hiroko works only in circles and lines - a metaphor for a simple life.

Material:  Washi Paper
Dimensions:  L15cm x W10.5cm

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