Arthouse Meath

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Elephants Never Forget Tea Towel

Arthouse Meath Elephants Never Forget Tea Towel £8.75

Birds Baby Jumpsuit Small

Arthouse Meath Birds Baby Jumpsuit Small £16.00

Dogs Jug

Arthouse Meath Dogs Jug £22.00

Cats Jug

Arthouse Meath Cats Jug £22.00

Birds Jug

Arthouse Meath Birds Jug £22.00

Bee Free Mug

Arthouse Meath Bee Free Mug £10.95

Swim With Whales Mug

Arthouse Meath Swim With Whales Mug £10.95

Dogs Mug

Arthouse Meath Dogs Mug £10.95

Thanks Mum Card

Arthouse Meath Thanks Mum Card £2.50

Bon Voyage Card

Arthouse Meath Bon Voyage Card £2.50

Feel Better Soon Card

Arthouse Meath Feel Better Soon Card £2.50

Flamingos Card

Arthouse Meath Flamingos Card £2.50

Christmas Camel Card

Arthouse Meath Christmas Camel Card £2.50


Page 1 of 1:    13 Items

About Arthouse Meath

Arthouse Meath is a UK based not-for-profit social enterprise where artists living with disabilities such as severe epilepsy and learning difficulties work alongside instructors to create artworks which are developed into designer home accessories and gifts. The artists develop social skills, work ethics, team participation and technical skills while working in a sheltered environment. Keeping the brain occupied, enthused and interested is an effective way to reduce symptoms such as eplieptic seizures. The key philosophy of Arthouse Meath is to offer a sense of purpose alongside the knowledge that feeling respected improves health and well-being.