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Beauty Accessories

Beauty Accessories

A collection of accessories to keep a wealth of cosmetics & jewellery neat & organised! These streamlined accessories will fit with every type of decor & help keep it clutter free.

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Flower Lipstick Holder

Glam Flower Lipstick Holder £5.50

Corner Organiser

Glam Corner Organiser £8.50

Cosmetics Organiser

Glam Cosmetics Organiser £13.00

Deluxe Cosmetics Organiser

Glam Deluxe Cosmetics Organiser £21.00

Lipstick Holder

Glam Lipstick Holder £5.50

4 Compartment Box With Mirror

Glam 4 Compartment Box With Mirror £10.50

Square Stackable Box

Glam Square Stackable Box £10.50

Cotton Bud Canister

Glam Cotton Bud Canister £10.50

Cotton Bud Box

Glam Cotton Bud Box £4.00

Cotton Pad Holder

Glam Cotton Pad Holder £8.50

Earring Holder

Glam Earring Holder £8.50

Pedestal Mirror

Glam Pedestal Mirror £21.00

Page 1 of 1:    12 Items