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Spike Mini Scented Candles Set

Scion Living Spike Mini Scented Candles Set £25.00   £12.50

V | Go Scented Candle

Takahashi Hiroko V | Go Scented Candle £60.00   £30.00

White Totem Candle

Takahashi Hiroko White Totem Candle £95.00   £47.50

Black Totem Candle

Takahashi Hiroko Black Totem Candle £95.00   £47.50

Ruban Mirror | Medium

HAY Ruban Mirror | Medium £35.00   £24.50

Ruban Mirror | Small

HAY Ruban Mirror | Small £17.00   £11.90

Flower Lipstick Holder

Glam Flower Lipstick Holder £6.00

Corner Organiser

Glam Corner Organiser £8.00

Lipstick Holder

Glam Lipstick Holder £9.00

Cosmetics Organiser

Glam Cosmetics Organiser £12.50

Cosmetics Organiser With Drawer

Glam Cosmetics Organiser With Drawer £15.00

Deluxe Cosmetics Organiser

Glam Deluxe Cosmetics Organiser £20.00

4 Compartment Box With Mirror

Glam 4 Compartment Box With Mirror £10.00

4 Layer Swivel Box

Glam 4 Layer Swivel Box £15.00

Square Stackable Box

Glam Square Stackable Box £10.00

Earring Holder

Glam Earring Holder £8.00

Pedestal Mirror

Glam Pedestal Mirror £20.00

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Page 2 of 2:    35 Items

Stylish finishing touches to complete an elegant and relaxing bedroom. Discover an array of trinket trays, cosmetics organisers and jewellery boxes to help keep the space tidy. Beautiful aromas from home fragrance collections, along with hot water bottles to keep you ultimately snuggly.