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Colour Vase XL | Pink

HAY Colour Vase XL | Pink £75.00

Colour Vase XL | Blue

HAY Colour Vase XL | Blue £75.00

Colour Vase XL | Transparent

HAY Colour Vase XL | Transparent £75.00

Colour Vase XL | Green

HAY Colour Vase XL | Green £75.00

Colour Vase Large | Blue

HAY Colour Vase Large | Blue £59.00

Colour Vase Large | Transparent

HAY Colour Vase Large | Transparent £59.00

Tree Trunk Vase

HAY Tree Trunk Vase £49.00

Otto Striped Mini Vase

M A N I Otto Striped Mini Vase £45.00

Tubolare Striped Mini Vase

M A N I Tubolare Striped Mini Vase £45.00

Tubolare Mini Vase

M A N I Tubolare Mini Vase £45.00

Square Vase

M A N I Square Vase £145.00

Otto Vase Medium

M A N I Otto Vase Medium £210.00

Palma Paper Vase

OCTAEVO Palma Paper Vase £15.95

Artesania Paper Vase

OCTAEVO Artesania Paper Vase £15.95

Nomade Paper Vase

OCTAEVO Nomade Paper Vase £15.95

Duna Paper Vase

OCTAEVO Duna Paper Vase £15.95

Apollo Paper Vase

OCTAEVO Apollo Paper Vase £17.95

Stromboli Paper Vase

OCTAEVO Stromboli Paper Vase £18.95

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Page 1 of 4:    57 Items

Bring botanical beauty indoors with stylish planters, terrariums and vases. From statement floor vases, to contemporary glass and artisan ceramic vases, find the perfect vessel for bouquets. Try using one of our pretty jugs for a more rustic style. Decorative flower pots are perfect for cacti, succulents and house plants. Discover an array of large planters and herb pots. Enjoy a comprehensive collection of vases, flower pots and planters for all your horticultural needs.