Kokeshi Doll | Tōgatta O
Kokeshi Doll | Tōgatta OKokeshi Doll | Tōgatta OKokeshi Doll | Tōgatta O
Kokeshi Doll | Tōgatta O
Designer:  Nippon Collaboratory


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Nippon Collaboratory was established in 2011 to promote traditional and sophisticated Japanese crafts. A tradition unique to northern Japan is the handcrafting of kokeshi dolls, a practice which has taken place since the early 19th century. The dolls were originally made for children until the woodwork artisans (kiji-shi) realised their commerciality and started selling them as souvenirs at the nearby hot springs. In Japan it is popular to collect kokeshi as they are widely regarded as lucky charms.

This wooden doll is handmade by Kazuo Sato, a skilled artisan from Tōgatta in the Tōhoku region of Japan. The head on this kokeshi lifts off to reveal a hollowed out centre, filled with four miniature kokeshi dolls and spinning top. The kokeshi has been decorated by hand, reflecting the characteristics of the craftsman who made it. As the doll is handpainted it is truly unique and has the signature of the creator on its base. This kokeshi is crafted from dogwood and handmade in Japan.

Material:  Dogwood
Dimensions:  H16.5cm x D12cm