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Longji Platter

Da Terra Longji Platter £40.00

Longji Dinner Plate

Da Terra Longji Dinner Plate £18.00

Longji Side Plate

Da Terra Longji Side Plate £16.00

Longji Salad Bowl

Da Terra Longji Salad Bowl £37.00

Longji Pasta Bowl

Da Terra Longji Pasta Bowl £18.00

Longji Cereal Bowl

Da Terra Longji Cereal Bowl £16.00

Longji Pitcher

Da Terra Longji Pitcher £37.00

Longji Mug

Da Terra Longji Mug £15.00

Longji Dinner Set

Da Terra Longji Dinner Set £15.00  -  £40.00

Lagoas Platter

Da Terra Lagoas Platter £40.00

Lagoas Dinner Plate

Da Terra Lagoas Dinner Plate £18.00

Lagoas Side Plate

Da Terra Lagoas Side Plate £16.00

Lagoas Salad Bowl

Da Terra Lagoas Salad Bowl £37.00

Lagoas Pasta Bowl

Da Terra Lagoas Pasta Bowl £18.00

Lagoas Cereal Bowl

Da Terra Lagoas Cereal Bowl £16.00

Lagoas Pitcher

Da Terra Lagoas Pitcher £37.00

Lagoas Mug

Da Terra Lagoas Mug £15.00

Lagoas Dinner Set

Da Terra Lagoas Dinner Set £15.00  -  £40.00

Palmeral Platter

Da Terra Palmeral Platter £40.00

Palmeral Dinner Plate

Da Terra Palmeral Dinner Plate £18.00

Palmeral Side Plate

Da Terra Palmeral Side Plate £16.00

Palmeral Salad Bowl

Da Terra Palmeral Salad Bowl £37.00

Palmeral Cereal Bowl

Da Terra Palmeral Cereal Bowl £16.00

Palmeral Pasta Bowl

Da Terra Palmeral Pasta Bowl £18.00

Palmeral Pitcher

Da Terra Palmeral Pitcher £37.00

Palmeral Mug

Da Terra Palmeral Mug £15.00

Palmeral Dinner Set

Da Terra Palmeral Dinner Set £15.00  -  £40.00

Scandinavian Folk Platter

Da Terra Scandinavian Folk Platter £40.00

Scandinavian Folk Dinner Plate

Da Terra Scandinavian Folk Dinner Plate £18.00

Scandinavian Folk Side Plate

Da Terra Scandinavian Folk Side Plate £16.00

Scandinavian Folk Salad Bowl

Da Terra Scandinavian Folk Salad Bowl £37.00

Scandinavian Folk Pasta Bowl

Da Terra Scandinavian Folk Pasta Bowl £18.00

Scandinavian Folk Cereal Bowl

Da Terra Scandinavian Folk Cereal Bowl £16.00

Scandinavian Folk Mug

Da Terra Scandinavian Folk Mug £15.00

Scandinavian Folk Dinner Set

Da Terra Scandinavian Folk Dinner Set £15.00  -  £40.00

Blue Lagoon Platter

Da Terra Blue Lagoon Platter £40.00

Blue Lagoon Dinner Plate

Da Terra Blue Lagoon Dinner Plate £18.00

Blue Lagoon Side Plate

Da Terra Blue Lagoon Side Plate £16.00

Blue Lagoon Salad Bowl

Da Terra Blue Lagoon Salad Bowl £37.00

Blue Lagoon Pasta Bowl

Da Terra Blue Lagoon Pasta Bowl £18.00

Blue Lagoon Cereal Bowl

Da Terra Blue Lagoon Cereal Bowl £16.00

Blue Lagoon Pitcher

Da Terra Blue Lagoon Pitcher £40.00

Blue Lagoon Mug

Da Terra Blue Lagoon Mug £15.00

Blue Lagoon Dinner Set

Da Terra Blue Lagoon Dinner Set £15.00  -  £40.00

Papua Platter

Da Terra Papua Platter £40.00

Papua Dinner Plate

Da Terra Papua Dinner Plate £18.00

Papua Side Plate

Da Terra Papua Side Plate £16.00

Papua Salad Bowl

Da Terra Papua Salad Bowl £37.00

Papua Pasta Bowl

Da Terra Papua Pasta Bowl £18.00

Papua Cereal Bowl

Da Terra Papua Cereal Bowl £16.00

Papua Mug

Da Terra Papua Mug £15.00

Papua Pitcher

Da Terra Papua Pitcher £40.00

Papua Dinner Set

Da Terra Papua Dinner Set £15.00  -  £40.00

Guatavita Platter

Da Terra Guatavita Platter £65.00

Guatavita Dinner Plate

Da Terra Guatavita Dinner Plate £30.00

Guatavita Side Plate

Da Terra Guatavita Side Plate £25.00

Guatavita Salad Bowl

Da Terra Guatavita Salad Bowl £65.00

Guatavita Pasta Bowl

Da Terra Guatavita Pasta Bowl £30.00

Guatavita Cereal Bowl

Da Terra Guatavita Cereal Bowl £25.00

Guatavita Mug

Da Terra Guatavita Mug £25.00

Guatavita Dinner Set

Da Terra Guatavita Dinner Set £25.00  -  £65.00

Mariana Trench Platter

Da Terra Mariana Trench Platter £40.00

Mariana Trench Dinner Plate

Da Terra Mariana Trench Dinner Plate £18.00

Mariana Trench Side Plate

Da Terra Mariana Trench Side Plate £16.00

Mariana Trench Salad Bowl

Da Terra Mariana Trench Salad Bowl £37.00

Mariana Trench Pasta Bowl

Da Terra Mariana Trench Pasta Bowl £18.00

Mariana Trench Cereal Bowl

Da Terra Mariana Trench Cereal Bowl £16.00

Mariana Trench Mug

Da Terra Mariana Trench Mug £15.00

Mariana Trench Dinner Set

Da Terra Mariana Trench Dinner Set £15.00  -  £40.00

Uyuni Platter

Da Terra Uyuni Platter £40.00

Uyuni Dinner Plate

Da Terra Uyuni Dinner Plate £18.00

Uyuni Side Plate

Da Terra Uyuni Side Plate £16.00

Uyuni Salad Bowl

Da Terra Uyuni Salad Bowl £37.00

Uyuni Pasta Bowl

Da Terra Uyuni Pasta Bowl £18.00

Uyuni Cereal Bowl

Da Terra Uyuni Cereal Bowl £16.00

Uyuni Mug

Da Terra Uyuni Mug £15.00

Uyuni Pitcher

Da Terra Uyuni Pitcher £40.00

Uyuni Dinner Set

Da Terra Uyuni Dinner Set £15.00  -  £40.00

Stripe Platter

Da Terra Stripe Platter £40.00

Stripe Dinner Plate

Da Terra Stripe Dinner Plate £18.00

Stripe Side Plate

Da Terra Stripe Side Plate £16.00

Stripe Salad Bowl

Da Terra Stripe Salad Bowl £37.00

Stripe Pasta Bowl

Da Terra Stripe Pasta Bowl £18.00

Stripe Cereal Bowl

Da Terra Stripe Cereal Bowl £16.00

Stripe Mug

Da Terra Stripe Mug £15.00

Stripe Pitcher

Da Terra Stripe Pitcher £40.00

Stripe Dinner Set

Da Terra Stripe Dinner Set £15.00  -  £40.00

Dark Blue Platter

Da Terra Dark Blue Platter £40.00

Dark Blue Dinner Plate

Da Terra Dark Blue Dinner Plate £18.00

Dark Blue Side Plate

Da Terra Dark Blue Side Plate £16.00

Dark Blue Salad Bowl

Da Terra Dark Blue Salad Bowl £37.00

Dark Blue Pasta Bowl

Da Terra Dark Blue Pasta Bowl £18.00

Dark Blue Cereal Bowl

Da Terra Dark Blue Cereal Bowl £16.00

Dark Blue Mug

Da Terra Dark Blue Mug £15.00

Dark Blue Pitcher

Da Terra Dark Blue Pitcher £40.00

Dark Blue Dinner Set

Da Terra Dark Blue Dinner Set £15.00  -  £40.00

Splash Platter

Da Terra Splash Platter £40.00

Splash Dinner Plate

Da Terra Splash Dinner Plate £18.00

Splash Side Plate

Da Terra Splash Side Plate £16.00

Splash Salad Bowl

Da Terra Splash Salad Bowl £37.00

Splash Pasta Bowl

Da Terra Splash Pasta Bowl £18.00

Splash Cereal Bowl

Da Terra Splash Cereal Bowl £16.00

Splash Mug

Da Terra Splash Mug £15.00

Splash Pitcher

Da Terra Splash Pitcher £40.00

Splash Dinner Set

Da Terra Splash Dinner Set £15.00  -  £40.00

Folklore Dinner Plate

Da Terra Folklore Dinner Plate £18.00

Folklore Side Plate

Da Terra Folklore Side Plate £16.00

Folklore Pasta Bowl

Da Terra Folklore Pasta Bowl £18.00

Folklore Cereal Bowl

Da Terra Folklore Cereal Bowl £16.00

Folklore Mug

Da Terra Folklore Mug £15.00

Folklore Platter

Da Terra Folklore Platter £40.00

Folklore Salad Bowl

Da Terra Folklore Salad Bowl £37.00

Folklore Pitcher

Da Terra Folklore Pitcher £40.00

Folklore Dinner Set

Da Terra Folklore Dinner Set £15.00  -  £40.00

Multicolour Platter

Da Terra Multicolour Platter £40.00   £30.00

Multicolour Dinner Plate

Da Terra Multicolour Dinner Plate £18.00   £13.50

Multicolour Side Plate

Da Terra Multicolour Side Plate £16.00   £12.00

Multicolour Pasta Bowl

Da Terra Multicolour Pasta Bowl £18.00   £13.50

Multicolour Cereal Bowl

Da Terra Multicolour Cereal Bowl £16.00   £12.00

Multicolour Mug

Da Terra Multicolour Mug £15.00   £11.25

Multicolour Dinner Set

Da Terra Multicolour Dinner Set £15.00  -  £40.00

Geronimo Platter

Da Terra Geronimo Platter £40.00

Geronimo Dinner Plate

Da Terra Geronimo Dinner Plate £18.00

Geronimo Side Plate

Da Terra Geronimo Side Plate £16.00

Geronimo Salad Bowl

Da Terra Geronimo Salad Bowl £37.00

Geronimo Pasta Bowl

Da Terra Geronimo Pasta Bowl £18.00

Geronimo Cereal Bowl

Da Terra Geronimo Cereal Bowl £16.00

Geronimo Mug

Da Terra Geronimo Mug £15.00

Geronimo Dinner Set

Da Terra Geronimo Dinner Set £15.00  -  £40.00

Dabble Side Plate

Da Terra Dabble Side Plate £16.00   £8.00

Dabble Salad Bowl

Da Terra Dabble Salad Bowl £37.00   £18.50

Dabble Cereal Bowl

Da Terra Dabble Cereal Bowl £16.00   £7.50

Dabble Mug

Da Terra Dabble Mug £15.00   £7.50

Patch Side Plate

Da Terra Patch Side Plate £16.00   £7.50

Coral Dinner Plate

Da Terra Coral Dinner Plate £18.00   £9.00

Coral Cereal Bowl

Da Terra Coral Cereal Bowl £16.00   £7.50

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About Da Terra

This beautiful collection of tableware is handmade by artisans in Portugal. Every piece is hand-painted so no two pieces are ever the same, giving the ceramics a truly organic feel, every mug, bowl and plate is unique. Da Terra tableware comes in a plethora of designs ranging from bright and bold to delicate and ethereal, mix and match patterns for a bold table setting.