Donna Wilson

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Blah Blah Cushion

Donna Wilson Blah Blah Cushion £35.00

Ginger Man Cushion

Donna Wilson Ginger Man Cushion £35.00

Squirrel Cushion

Donna Wilson Squirrel Cushion £35.00

Cloudy Face Cushion

Donna Wilson Cloudy Face Cushion £35.00

Rainy Day Cushion | Dark Green

Donna Wilson Rainy Day Cushion | Dark Green £35.00

Rainy Day Cushion | Grey

Donna Wilson Rainy Day Cushion | Grey £35.00

Fox Cushion

Donna Wilson Fox Cushion £35.00

Cat Ears Cushion

Donna Wilson Cat Ears Cushion £35.00

Little Bear Cushion

Donna Wilson Little Bear Cushion £35.00

Meg Cushion

Donna Wilson Meg Cushion £35.00

Owl Cushion

Donna Wilson Owl Cushion £35.00

Sausage Dog Cushion

Donna Wilson Sausage Dog Cushion £35.00

Flying Bird Cushion

Donna Wilson Flying Bird Cushion £35.00

Forest Cushion | Turquoise

Donna Wilson Forest Cushion | Turquoise £35.00

Forest Cushion | Grey

Donna Wilson Forest Cushion | Grey £35.00

Blah Blah Bed Linen | Pink

Donna Wilson Blah Blah Bed Linen | Pink £75.00  -  £115.00

Acorn Bed Linen | Yellow

Donna Wilson Acorn Bed Linen | Yellow £75.00  -  £115.00

Flying Bird Bed Linen | Duck Egg

Donna Wilson Flying Bird Bed Linen | Duck Egg £75.00  -  £115.00

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Page 1 of 2:    34 Items

About Donna Wilson

Donna Wilson was raised deep in the Aberdeenshire countryside where her love for making things began at an early age. Here on her parents farm she made creatures out of twigs and mud pies for them to feast on. Donna studied at the Royal College of Art in London where her passion for handicraft was nurtured and she started producing her famous knitted creatures. She now has a studio in East London where her woolly animals have been joined by a raft of products including homewares, textiles, furniture and clothing. Donna Wilson launches her first bed and bath collection, featuring reversible bedding, sumptuous towels and vibrant cushions.