Salt Cod
Salt CodSalt CodSalt Cod
Salt Cod
Designer:  Rick Stein


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Rick Stein's salt cod takes the traditional salt pig and turns it into a contemporary accessory for the kitchen, a practical and convenient way to store salt for the busy cook. The salt cod is made from terracotta which is naturally porous and will absorb moisture, keeping the salt dry and ready for use. The salt containter has a deep blue interior.

Much loved British chef Rick Stein is best known for his love of seafood. Rick's cooking career began with the opening of The Seafood Restaurant in Padstow, in the venue of his former nightclub. Rick now runs many eateries across the south of England, ranging from a fish and chip shop to high end restaurants. Rick has used his expertise in cooking fish to create a fun and practical range of cookware, serveware, utensils and kitchen texiles.

Material:  Terracotta
Dimensions:  H12.5cm x W11.5cm x D23.5cm
Care Instructions:  Hand wash