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Colour Vase | Blue

HAY Colour Vase | Blue £59.00

Colour Vase | Clear

HAY Colour Vase | Clear £59.00

Colour Vase | Green

HAY Colour Vase | Green £59.00

Tree Trunk Vase

HAY Tree Trunk Vase £49.00

Wood Mug

HAY Wood Mug £14.00

Time Hourglass

HAY Time Hourglass £15.00

Think Drum Shade

Wrong.London Think Drum Shade £55.00

Fish Scales Drum Shade

Wrong.London Fish Scales Drum Shade £55.00

Knit Drum Shade

Wrong.London Knit Drum Shade £55.00

Think Floor Lamp

Wrong.London Think Floor Lamp £198.00

Knit Floor Lamp

Wrong.London Knit Floor Lamp £198.00

Turn On Lamp | Green

Wrong.London Turn On Lamp | Green £99.00

Turn On Lamp | Aluminium

Wrong.London Turn On Lamp | Aluminium £99.00

Turn On Lamp | Black

Wrong.London Turn On Lamp | Black £99.00

Turn On Lamp | Orange

Wrong.London Turn On Lamp | Orange £99.00

Colour Plaid No.3

HAY Colour Plaid No.3 £165.00

Colour Plaid No.4

HAY Colour Plaid No.4 £165.00

Colour Plaid No.7

HAY Colour Plaid No.7 £165.00

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Page 1 of 4:    60 Items

About Hay

Danish design collective HAY aim to make good design accessible and affordable. They are influenced by their strong design heritage and gain much inspiration from Denmark's innovative furniture and product design of the 1950s and 1960s. HAY work with fresh, young talent as well as established designers and their mandate is 'to celebrate the uncomplicated design and strive to stay solid, straight-forward, joyful and functional.'