Les Jouets Libres

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Football World Cup Game

Les Jouets Libres Football World Cup Game £35.00   £25.00

Shifumi: Rock Paper Scissors

Les Jouets Libres Shifumi: Rock Paper Scissors £10.00   £7.00

4 Seasons Card Game

Les Jouets Libres 4 Seasons Card Game £10.00   £7.00

Mistigri Card Game

Les Jouets Libres Mistigri Card Game £10.00   £7.00


Page 1 of 1:    4 Items

About Les Jouets Libres

At Les Jouets Libres they believe deeply in the imagination and creativity of children. The games are built around four principles – modernity; mobility (children can take the game to play wherever they want); an emotional bond between the child and the game; and freedom – children are allowed to be involved in the rule-making. At last we have a stylish answer to children’s toys!