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Turn On Lamp | Green

Wrong.London Turn On Lamp | Green £99.00

Turn On Lamp | Aluminium

Wrong.London Turn On Lamp | Aluminium £99.00

Turn On Lamp | Orange

Wrong.London Turn On Lamp | Orange £99.00

Turn On Lamp | Black

Wrong.London Turn On Lamp | Black £99.00

Knit Floor Lamp

Wrong.London Knit Floor Lamp £198.00

Think Floor Lamp

Wrong.London Think Floor Lamp £198.00

Fish Scales Drum Shade

Wrong.London Fish Scales Drum Shade £55.00

Knit Drum Shade

Wrong.London Knit Drum Shade £55.00

Think Drum Shade

Wrong.London Think Drum Shade £55.00

Collagraph Shade Small

Laura Slater Collagraph Shade Small £75.00

Collagraph Shade Medium

Laura Slater Collagraph Shade Medium £80.00

A/C Shade Medium

Laura Slater A/C Shade Medium £80.00

A/C Shade Large

Laura Slater A/C Shade Large £85.00

Crystal Bulb

Lee Broom Crystal Bulb £189.00   £120.00


Page 1 of 1:    14 Items

Set the mood with effortlessly stylish lighting. Transform a space with ambient lighting which is just right for the environment. Make lighting the statement piece in a room with our modern floor, table and desk lamps. Discover ceiling and lamp drum shades embellished with beautiful eye-catching patterns. Illuminate your home with design conscious lighting.