Made in Britain - Home Décor

Made in Britain - Home Décor

Support British design and manufacturing with a selection of charming pieces for the home, from decorative plates to prints and cushions, plus other whimsical delights along the way! All made here in Britain.

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TicTac Cushion | Black

Giannina Capitani TicTac Cushion | Black £72.00

TicTac Cushion | White

Giannina Capitani TicTac Cushion | White £72.00

TicTac Cushion | Yellow

Giannina Capitani TicTac Cushion | Yellow £72.00

TicTac Cushion | Blue

Giannina Capitani TicTac Cushion | Blue £72.00

Etto Cushion | Grey

Giannina Capitani Etto Cushion | Grey £72.00

Etto Cushion | Blue & Yellow

Giannina Capitani Etto Cushion | Blue & Yellow £72.00

A/C Cushion Lemon & Black

Laura Slater A/C Cushion Lemon & Black £66.00

A/C Cushion Teal & Pink

Laura Slater A/C Cushion Teal & Pink £66.00

Structure Grid Cushion Teal

Laura Slater Structure Grid Cushion Teal £66.00

Fox & Flowers Small Dish

Alex Sickling Fox & Flowers Small Dish £35.00

Foxes Meeting Small Platter

Alex Sickling Foxes Meeting Small Platter £55.00

Red Head Plate

Katy Leigh Red Head Plate £24.00

Orange Flower Plate

Katy Leigh Orange Flower Plate £24.00

Yellow Flower Plate

Katy Leigh Yellow Flower Plate £24.00

Turquoise Eyeshadow Plate

Katy Leigh Turquoise Eyeshadow Plate £24.00

Bob Plate

Katy Leigh Bob Plate £24.00

Rose Plate

Katy Leigh Rose Plate £24.00

Tropical Black Flower Plate

Katy Leigh Tropical Black Flower Plate £24.00

Tropical White Flower Plate

Katy Leigh Tropical White Flower Plate £24.00

Orange Profile Plate

Katy Leigh Orange Profile Plate £24.00

Princess Leia Buns Plate

Katy Leigh Princess Leia Buns Plate £24.00

Tropical Yellow Flower Plate

Katy Leigh Tropical Yellow Flower Plate £24.00

Blue Lady Plate

Katy Leigh Blue Lady Plate £24.00

Cat Boy Plate

Katy Leigh Cat Boy Plate £24.00

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Page 1 of 2:    38 Items