Made in Britain - Lifestyle

Made in Britain - Lifestyle

A lovely selection of stationery including notebooks, writing sets and wrapping paper, plus travel accessories including iPad sleeves, luggage tags and passport covers. All made here in Britain.

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Unity Blush iPad Sleeve

Pipét Design Unity Blush iPad Sleeve £50.00   £25.00

Aerial iPad Sleeve

Pipét Design Aerial iPad Sleeve £50.00   £25.00

District iPad Sleeve

Pipét Design District iPad Sleeve £50.00   £25.00

Persuit iPad Sleeve

Pipét Design Persuit iPad Sleeve £50.00   £25.00

Promenade iPad Sleeve

Pipét Design Promenade iPad Sleeve £50.00   £25.00

Unity Teal iPad Sleeve

Pipét Design Unity Teal iPad Sleeve £50.00   £25.00

Majorelle Blue Leather Pouch

Undercover Majorelle Blue Leather Pouch £25.00   £17.50

Peacock Green Coin Purse

Undercover Peacock Green Coin Purse £20.00   £14.00

Leather Pouch & Pencils

Undercover Leather Pouch & Pencils £15.00   £10.50

Pink Palm Passport Holder

Undercover Pink Palm Passport Holder £20.00   £14.00

Copper Passport Holder

Undercover Copper Passport Holder £25.00   £17.50

Lemon Passport Holder

Undercover Lemon Passport Holder £15.00   £10.50

Majorelle Blue Passport Holder

Undercover Majorelle Blue Passport Holder £15.00   £10.50

Neon Orange Passport Holder

Undercover Neon Orange Passport Holder £15.00   £10.50

Peacock Green Passport Holder

Undercover Peacock Green Passport Holder £15.00   £10.50

Gold Palm Luggage Label

Undercover Gold Palm Luggage Label £7.50   £5.25

Mr Fox Notebooks Set/3

Scion Living Mr Fox Notebooks Set/3 £10.00   £5.00

Spike Notebooks Set/3

Scion Living Spike Notebooks Set/3 £10.00   £5.00


Page 1 of 1:    18 Items