Tea Time

Tea Time

A charming array of products for that most quintessential of British obsessions: tea time - tea cups, tea pots, mugs, milk jugs & cake plates! All made here in the UK.

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Bee Free Mug

Arthouse Meath Bee Free Mug £10.95

Dogs Mug

Arthouse Meath Dogs Mug £10.95

Swim With Whales Mug

Arthouse Meath Swim With Whales Mug £10.95

Dogs Jug

Arthouse Meath Dogs Jug £22.00

Cats Jug

Arthouse Meath Cats Jug £22.00

Love Birds Milk Jug

Katy Leigh Love Birds Milk Jug £15.00

Cat Mug

Katy Leigh Cat Mug £15.00

Cat Set/2 Egg Cups

Katy Leigh Cat Set/2 Egg Cups £20.00

Love Birds Sugar Bowl

Katy Leigh Love Birds Sugar Bowl £15.00

Love Birds Teapot

Katy Leigh Love Birds Teapot £35.00


Page 1 of 1:    10 Items