Write & Organise

Write & Organise

For those of us who are old fashioned with a mild penchant for stationery we have a collection of notecards & writing sets (we all know there is nothing lovelier than receiving a handwritten note in the post). To help keep you stylishly organised there are leather folders & desk tidies, plus lovely writing tools & other chic desk accessories.

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Nazar Bookmark | Brass

OCTAEVO Nazar Bookmark | Brass £14.00

Nazar Bookmark | Black

OCTAEVO Nazar Bookmark | Black £12.00

Euclid Bookmark | Brass

OCTAEVO Euclid Bookmark | Brass £14.00

Euclid Bookmark | Black

OCTAEVO Euclid Bookmark | Black £12.00

Bon Vivant Bookmark | Brass

OCTAEVO Bon Vivant Bookmark | Brass £14.00

Bon Vivant Bookmark | Red

OCTAEVO Bon Vivant Bookmark | Red £12.00

Riviera Bookmark | Brass

OCTAEVO Riviera Bookmark | Brass £14.00

Riviera Bookmark | Black

OCTAEVO Riviera Bookmark | Black £12.00

Feather Pens

HAY Feather Pens £7.00

Starfish Desk Organiser | Green

HAY Starfish Desk Organiser | Green £25.00

Brass Scissors

HAY Brass Scissors £9.00

Wooden Ruler

HAY Wooden Ruler £7.00

Wild Animal Cards Set/6

Pleased To Meet Wild Animal Cards Set/6 £15.00

Memo Block Medium

Takahashi Hiroko Memo Block Medium £16.00

Zig Zag Pencil Pouch

Undercover Zig Zag Pencil Pouch £15.00

Lemon Laptop Case

Undercover Lemon Laptop Case £39.00

Majorelle Blue Envelope Pouch

Undercover Majorelle Blue Envelope Pouch £25.00

Neon Orange Envelope Pouch

Undercover Neon Orange Envelope Pouch £25.00

Aerial iPad Sleeve

Pipét Design Aerial iPad Sleeve £50.00   £40.00

District iPad Sleeve

Pipét Design District iPad Sleeve £50.00   £40.00

Persuit iPad Sleeve

Pipét Design Persuit iPad Sleeve £50.00   £40.00

Promenade iPad Sleeve

Pipét Design Promenade iPad Sleeve £50.00   £40.00

Unity Blush iPad Sleeve

Pipét Design Unity Blush iPad Sleeve £50.00   £40.00

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Page 1 of 2:    25 Items