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Bano Soap Dish | Lemon

Ekobo Bano Soap Dish | Lemon £9.00

Bano Soap Dish | Stone

Ekobo Bano Soap Dish | Stone £9.00

Bano Toothbrush Holder | Lemon

Ekobo Bano Toothbrush Holder | Lemon £7.00

Bano Toothbrush Holder | Stone

Ekobo Bano Toothbrush Holder | Stone £7.00

Bano Storage Box | Lemon

Ekobo Bano Storage Box | Lemon £9.00

Bano Storage Box | Stone

Ekobo Bano Storage Box | Stone £9.00

Bano Small Tray | Lemon

Ekobo Bano Small Tray | Lemon £12.00

Bano Small Tray | Stone

Ekobo Bano Small Tray | Stone £12.00

Bano Waste Bin | Lemon

Ekobo Bano Waste Bin | Lemon £25.00

Bano Waste Bin | Stone

Ekobo Bano Waste Bin | Stone £25.00

Bano Step Stool | Lemon

Ekobo Bano Step Stool | Lemon £30.00

Bano Step Stool | Stone

Ekobo Bano Step Stool | Stone £30.00

Wire Soap Dish

Stick 'Em Up Wire Soap Dish £10.00

Wire Corner Basket 2 Tier

Stick 'Em Up Wire Corner Basket 2 Tier £30.00

Wire Rectangular Basket 2 Tier

Stick 'Em Up Wire Rectangular Basket 2 Tier £28.00

Wire Toilet Roll Holder

Stick 'Em Up Wire Toilet Roll Holder £12.00

Wire Towel Ring

Stick 'Em Up Wire Towel Ring £12.00

Linear Soap Dish

Lock 'n' Roll Linear Soap Dish £10.00

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Page 1 of 3:    50 Items

Whether your bathroom is sleek and chic or fun and family-friendly find soap dishes, dispensers and storage to suit every space. From small ensuite to large family bathroom, we've got streamlined storage solutions to suit your needs. Keep the basin, bath and shower looking clean and clutter free with innovative suction baskets and over the door storage. Minimalist bathroom accessories for a modern home.